How We Capitalize

Costas Inc. will acquire companies in full, or a take a significant position in those companies in order to facilitate their growth. We are also open to creating businesses by putting capable people together, giving them an equity stake and capitalizing them. We would create businesses where we see an opportunity in the cryptocurrency realm that has not yet been addressed or, in the alternative, if a target business is not suitable for acquiring, we will carry on the build-out on our own. We are actively searching for strong leaders with entrepreneurial spirit to either join us in our journey through taking an equity position, or to offer their services to businesses we are looking to acquire and, in doing so, incentivizing those businesses to work with Costas Inc. in achieving a common goal.

Costas Inc., through its existing relationships, has the ability to raise capital for the companies it acquires or creates. The management at Costas Inc. is committed to building additional relationships with investment groups that focus on funding and incubating promising business ventures. This network spans the globe and truly has very few limits. We feel confident that we can pair any opportunity with the appropriate funds and management, preparing them for their entry into any competitive marketplace within the cryptocurrency framework.