State of the Market

"DAT" (Distributed Asset Technology) is the systemic foundation for what is now known as "cryptocurrency". Crypto coins have taken the world by storm and created a new asset class. Quite simply, the backbone of the world’s economy has evolved from gold and silver as the only accepted form of payment, to fiat currency and now cryptocurrency has started to weave itself into the fabric of our global economy.

Generally speaking, the public associates the cryptocurrency boom with the market's leading digital coin: Bitcoin. Bitcoin and it's peers, have fascinating properties that Costas Inc. strongly believes will accelerate the speed at which a store of value can move both regionally and globally. Decentralized currency without borders is now a viable option for consumers and businesses that need the ability to instantly move funds or transact on purchases, regardless of geographical constraints. Innovative companies that support crypto coins that can bridge the gap between merchants, consumers and investors stand to grow exponentially in value as investment and infrastructure build-outs flood into the marketplace.

There are very few opportunities in the realm of cryptocurrency and FinTech available to investors through public markets. Investment opportunities in this unique space are, for most investors, out of reach beyond purchasing the various Crypto Coins themselves. Costas Inc. is building a portfolio of diverse cryptocurrency businesses and FinTech opportunities under its umbrella, thereby creating foundational systems to aid businesses in tying into an ever-growing global network of liquidity. The Company offers a unique venture opportunity to invest in a basket of companies in what we feel is the most exciting investment space anyone has seen in a century.