Costas Inc. sees great opportunity in purchasing or partnering with private or public companies that are an integral part of the network needed to make the cryptocurrency market more efficient. The cryptocurrency space has already evolved at a furious pace; yet the pieces to the puzzle are not complete. The race to build the infrastructure needed to fully legitimize and regulate the cryptocurrency space is well underway. Investors and participants know the key to unlocking great financial gain is in the laying of the foundation, then building credibility for the Crypto Coins from a functional standpoint in order to promote stability, reliability and longevity in this exciting new business realm.

Our focus is in acquiring or partnering with companies that specialize in the following:

  1. “POS” Point of Sale transactions aiding retail and online sales
  2. Security of wallets, exchange accounts and infrastructure
  3. Global funds transfer and payment systems
  4. Exchange between crypto and fiat currencies
  5. Innovative payment solutions paired with ATM’s
  6. Online entertainment that benefits from crypto payments