The Company sees great opportunity in purchasing or partnering with private or public companies that are an integral part of the network needed to make the DC market efficient. The DC space is new, and the pieces to the puzzle are not yet complete. The race to build the infrastructure needed to fully legitimize and regulate the space is on. Investors and participants know the key to unlocking great financial gain is in the laying of the foundation, then building credibility for DC from the ground up. Costas Inc., is actively seeking to transact with businesses that securitize the purchasing, exchanging and storage of DC and it's information. Security has been a weak spot to date in the space and we intend to emerge as the leader in security through our first acquisition. We feel confident that capital investment is all that's needed to bring the level of security with respect to handling of the coins to the level of security encrypted in the coins themselves.

The Company understands the need for the implementation of efficient point of sale technology and is in talks with several individuals and businesses focused on the technology needed. There is huge potential to create revenue streams from collecting small fees on the transactions or in incubating and selling the technology itself. Cell phones are the bank accounts of the future and we see Costas as part of the branding of this technology.

One of the largest hurdles DC has encountered is lack of liquidity and transparency. The Company wants to capitalize by acquiring or forming a bank that offers banking services to DC businesses. The management at Costas has strong connections to leaders in global banking and fully intends to turn those relationships into value for it's shareholders.

The acquisition or creation of an exchange/trading platform that offers liquidity to buy, sell and covert cash to DC is of particular interest to us. We want to align ourselves with an exchange who's products are regulated, allowing their clients to efficiently hedge and invest in the space.